Virtual On-line Dog Training in Radcliff, KY.

Dog Training for in <strong>Radcliff, KY</strong>
Virtual Dog Training in Radcliff, KY

Are you looking for puppy training classes in Radcliff, KY? Are you looking for something different than petsmart dog training or petco dog training? is a full service virtual online dog training school offering a wide variety of dog training services in Radcliff, KY.

Do you live in Radcliff, KY and looking for some dog training tips? Jason Lake a online dog trainer with over 20 years of experience can help you with a wide variety of dog training techniques.

Although our specialty is basic dog behaviors, behavior modification and competitive obedience our training can also help you teach your dog brain training for dogs that helps stimulate motivation and engagement.

Common Questions:

Question: Do you physically come to my home in Radcliff, KY
Answer: offers in-home dog training way of virtual sessions whether you live in or outside of Radcliff, KY.

Question: After our training session would you be able to help me find a dog trainer that uses your same methods here in Radcliff, KY?
Answer: I started in order to have the opportunity to assist dogs and their owners wherever they may be in the world. If your dog has a need that requires hands on and cannot be worked on with virtual dog training, than we would be honored to help you find a professional dog trainer in your area that utilizes the same methods as we do and that we would use with own dogs.

Question: Can I recommend to my friends and family in Radcliff, KY?
Answer: We are proud of our services and the fact that we get to help so many families with their dogs were ever they may be located. Recommendations and referrals are always greatly appreciated.

Question: I do not currently have a dog but I’m interested in finding one. Is this a service you can provide even though I live in Radcliff, KY?
Answer: Yes! Our services are not limited to behavioral or training solutions. Whether you are searching for a German Shepherd Dog, Labrador, Doodle, Rottweiler or any other breeds we can help you find the perfect purebred or mixed breed dog in or around Radcliff, KY.

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One question that we receive more often than none is where can I find dog training near me? is the most convenient way to find dog training in your area. We pride ourselves in helping clients create a better relationship with their dogs and receiving dog pictures on a daily basis from happy customers.

Have you recently adopted a new puppy and looking for puppy training? Then is perfect for you. We assist puppy owners with everything from biting to learning how to crate training a puppy.

Although is a virtual dog training company we take our years of experience teaching dog training classes and bring it to customers throughout the world. Even if you do not know how to train a dog from start to finish we can be there virtually every step of the way. Whether it’s online puppy training classes or just one-on-one training understanding the fundamentals of clicker training dogs we should be your first choice.

With virtual training you no longer need to search dog obedience training near me? We bring dog training to the convenience of your home no matter where you live so there’s no need to physically go to petco dog training. So if you are looking for dog training classes near me try virtual training instead. is a sister company of Prodogz Dog Training a dog training school in Medford Oregon.

We offer several dog training tips to help you fill more successful with your dog when pursuing dog training online. We offer dog training basics along with more advanced training. Dog training cost? In many way virtual training can be way more cost efficient due to low overhead and convenience. We have many dog training youtube videos along with free dog training techniques on our Facebook page and website. So stop searching the Internet for the best. dog training prices and try today.

Teaching Your Dog Not To Resource Guard:

Resource guarding refers to dogs who growl, snap or bite when they either have something that they value. Often dog owners create resource guarding inadvertently because of something they read on the Internet or something someone told them.

With step-by-step instructions from you will learn how to identify resource guarding, take steps to decrease incidence and hopefully reach the point where your dog will feel safe and confident eating, sleeping or playing with toys around you and your family.

Potty Training Your Puppy:

Potty training your puppy can not only be frustrating but also time consuming without the right tools. The old days of rubbing your puppy’s nose in its feces are a thing of the past.

With help from you can potty train your puppy in as quick as 3 days utilizing positive reinforcement techniques.

Teaching Your Puppy Not To Bite:

Biting is one of the most common Behavioral issues that new puppies owners experience. Inadvertently many dog owners are given miss information that actually make the problem worse. utilizes positive reinforcement methods to teach owners how to teach their puppies alternative ways to communicate with them besides the need to bite.

Teaching Your Dog To Stay:

Over the past 30 years of working with clients it seems that most struggle with teaching their dog how to remain stationary. If not taught properly dogs can find the word “stay” both unpleasant and aversive. however, if top properly dogs can’t find confidence and remaining stationary because it leads to something good.

If you find that your dog does not like to stay or you’re having to repeat the command “stay” multiple times then a virtual dog training session from is just what you need to teach your dog that stay in a confident happy manor.

Teaching Your Dog Not To Be Aggressive:

Dogs are aggressive for many different reasons everything from genetics to circumstances with other dogs. We when working with reactive dogs it’s important not to use harsh or forceful methods but instead use positive reinforcement along with counterconditioning.

Although working with dog reactivity via virtual sessions can be difficult there are things that the handler can learn in order to not make the problem worse and to Know what questions to ask a potential in person trainer to make sure that they are receiving the correct information.

Teaching Your Dog To Be Leashed Calmly:

If your dog is anything like ours the moment you pick up the leash they become overly exuberant and hard to control. It would be unfair to punish the dog for getting excited as it would be no different then to punish a child for being excited about Christmas.

With help from you will learn how to counter condition your dog to the leash and also teach them to sit and remain calm when being leased.

Teaching Your Dog Boundaries:

Whether you want to teach your dog to stay out of a certain area or to not bed at the dinner table creating good boundaries through proper training is crucial.

With assistance from we can help you teach your dog save boundaries at home using positive reinforcement instead of intimidation and punishment.

Teaching Your Dog Not To Jump:

Jumping seems to be the most common problem our clients seem to have with their dogs. Without knowing it most people teach their dogs to jump on them due to improper training.

So if your dog or puppy has a jumping issue let help you teach them a better way to communicate with a quick one hour virtual session.

Teaching Your Dog Not To Pull On Leash:

Does your dog drag you down the road when you take them on walks? Pulling is not only annoying but prolong pulling can cause damage to your dogs trachea and also put you at risk for injury.

Utilizing the services that provides you will learn the steps to take to teach your dog how to walk properly on the leash without risk to you or your dog.

Teaching Your Dog Not To Steel:

Some dogs are notorious for stealing shoes, children’s toys and food from the table. Understanding why dogs do this can be the key to preventing this behavior and helping them find another way to get our attention.

Utilizing one of our virtual training sessions you will learn key elements to communicate with your dog in a clear and positive way in order to teach them not to counter surf or pilfer items that do not belong to them.

Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called:

A reliable recall is not only important but it could also save your dogs life. to teach a proper recall there are three fundamentals that are crucial. Desire, Reinforcement and Proofing.

With help from we will give you the skills to help teach your dog to come when called with excitement and enthusiasm. So if your dog is running from you you should be coming to us.

Teaching Your Dog To Down:

Nine times out of ten when clients have difficulty getting their dog to down properly they thought their dog to “sit” and then to go into a down. Although sometimes this gonna work it leads to a slow down and also confusion between sitting and downing.

With a virtual dog training session from we will teach you how to teach your dog how to lay down without having to sit first and to stay in that down without popping back up into a sitting position.

Teaching Your Dog To Drop Things:

Do you enjoy playing toys with your dog but your dog does not like to drop the toy? Does your dog steal your shoes or other items and not want to let them go?

With a couple easy training techniques can assist you with teaching your dog how to drop its toys and other items on command each and every time.

ATeaching Your Dog Proper Door Manners:

Entering and exiting your home with a large dog that insists on going out the door the same time you do can be quite frustrating. Besides making it cumbersome to leave your house it can also be quite dangerous if your dog runs past you outside when if you live on a busy street or there’s other dogs around.

With easy step program you can learn how to teach your dog to not only wait at the door calmly but also ask permission when to enter and leave your home.

Learning How To Be More Engaging With Your Dog:

Engagement is the foundation to successful dog training. Understanding engagement and learning how to create it in your dog will give you the power to harness your dogs full potential and create a stronger relationship which in return will create a more reliable dog with their training. trainer Jason Lake is an award-winning dog trainer with over 25 years of experience. Utilizing his techniques and games you’ll be given the knowledge and know-how to build a stronger relationship with your dog through engagement.

Teaching Your Dog To Sit Properly:

Most people when teaching their dog to sit with simply hold a treat over their head well repeating the command “sit”. Although in some cases this works, in most cases it causes the dog to sit slowly and to sit a distance from the owner.

In a virtual training session we will teach you the handler how to properly lure your dog in order to teach your dog not only to sit correctly and quickly but also to sit the first time you command it.

Teaching Your Dog To Pick Up Items:

Teach your dog to pick up items is not only a useful tool but can also be a great way to engage with your dog along with honing their motor skills.

Using force free methods will teach you how to properly shape, reinforce and engage with your dog in a way that he or she will enjoy learning the art of retrieving.

Teach Your Dog To Greet Politely

Teaching your puppy or dog to great strangers politely is an important step to early development. Without proper training some dogs can become overly stimulated and lead to other unwanted behaviors.

With the help you will receive from you will learn valuable skills to teach your dog that will set clear boundaries when greetings strangers.