Frequently Ask Questions


Frequently Ask Questions

Question: Where can I find dog training near me?
Answer: is a convenient way for people to obtain dog training help no matter where they live.

Question: How can help me with dog training?
Answer: Our virtual dog training services are perfect for those who don’t live in close proximity to a professional dog trainer yet still need help training their dog.

Question: Where can I find dog trainers near me that practice positive reinforcement?
Answer: utilizes positive reinforcement and classical conditioning in order to help our virtual dog training clients.

Question: Is a dog training college?
Answer: Although offers comprehensive virtual dog training we are not a college where you can receive a degree in dog training, however we do offer mentor programs for those who have a desire to start a dog training business.

Question: Does offer dog obedience training?
Answer: offers virtual dog obedience, behavior modification, aggression training and Service dog training.

Question: Can help me learn how to become a dog trainer?
Answer: is a great resource for not just learning how to train your dog via a virtual trainer, it is also a great place for future trainers to learn how to get started on the road to becoming a professional dog trainer.

Question: Does have any dog training videos to help me train my dog?
Answer: is part of Prodogz dog training which offers a multitude of training video resources.

Question: Can offer some dog training tips to help me get the most out of my training?
Answer: Depending on the package that you order can either offer you daily coaching or just some simple training tips to help you work through particular issues.

Question: Can offer any dog training techniques?
Answer: Whether you are a pet dog owner or a professional dog trainer just looking for some new dog training techniques we should be your first choice in virtual online dog training.

Question: Does have a dog clicker app?
Answer: Currently we do not have a app for our virtual dog training services, however it will be a future endeavor.

Question: Does offer any type of online dog training certification?
Answer: does not offer any type of national recognized certification however we do offer a certificate of completion after completing one of our courses.

Question: Can help me become a dog trainer near me?
Answer: can help point you in the right direction in order to help you reach your goal of becoming a professional dog trainer.

Question: Is is part of the association for professional dog trainers? Answer: No we are not a member of the APDT.

Question: Does offers free dog training classes.
Answer: We do not offer any type of free classes however we do offer free advice in order to help our customers choose the right package that fits their needs.

Question: Does offer online dog training classes?
Answer: We do not hold online group classes but we can put together a training package to help you reach your goal with your dog.

Question: Who is the dog trainer at
Answer: Our main dog trainer is Jason Lake the owner of Prodogz Dog Training in Medford Oregon.

Question: Does offer a free online dog training guide?
Answer: No currently we do not.

Question: What is the average professional dog trainer salary?
Answer: A dog trainers salary can vary depending on location and the services provided.

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To take an advantage of ASK-DOG-TRAINERS services? All that is needed is a computer or phone, an online connection and a webcam. This will allow us to resolve your dog training and behavior issues. Your online dog training session will be booked at a time convenient for you whether you live.