Virtual Dog Training

Virtual Dog Training


ASK-DOG-DOG-TRAINER is owned and ran by Jason Lake the owner of Prodogz Dog Training a brick and mortar business based in Southern Oregon. It is our joy to offer our services for clients based in Southern Oregon however we also understand that not everyone is able to visit our location to take advantage of our services for these clients we offer virtual dog training in the form of phone and video consultations using Skype or Facebook Video Chat. You can talk with Jason one-on-one about your specific training issues and receive step by step instructions for training solutions tailored to your needs. During this time, Jason will address and assess your dogs needs, and coach you on training tools and strategies to implement with your dog. During the sessions Jason will have the opportunity to assess any negative dynamics in the household that might affect your dogs overall training and success.

New puppy raisers or dog owners may not be aware of it but phone sessions are a great way to address specific training techniques related to the use of training equipment like Prong Collars, E Collars or any other equipment related questions.

Utilizing video chats like Facebook messenger or Skype training sessions we have assisted clients with puppy selection, successful first weeks and months of puppy ownership. Video conferencing has also allowed us to address questions related to raising a puppy, behavior modification, identifying which training methods or local programs would be best for specific dogs, and much more. If your puppy is not completely inoculated video conferencing is a safe way to receive training assistance without exposing your puppy to harmful diseases that could be potentially harmful.

VIRTUAL DOG TRAINING – OUR PHONE/SKYPE PROGRAM Having a well-trained dog is not only an enjoyable experience but also allows you to show off your skill set. Our virtual dog training program will allow you to receive support, sound advice and valuable knowledge in the comfort of your own home. Dog training takes dedication and commitment but also the correct knowledge.

Our training programs are based on scientific methods utilizing operant conditioning and classical conditioning which help alleviate the frustration, chaos and confusion that comes with other training programs. With our training programs you’ll receive engaging, fun and successful methodology that will give you freedom and peace of mind.
Utilizing our virtual training program is a fantastic for puppy owners who are looking for extra support for their puppy or youngster. Our virtual program is also great for excellent dog owners who are battling aggression, anxiety or reactivity who are needing rehabilitation which can be time-consuming and expensive when working with trainers in person.
ASK-DOG-TRAINERS accepts clients in our virtual program with dogs of all breeds, ages, and behavior issues. Customized training programs can also be designed.

Virtual Program Benefits: Get monthly support through personalized Skype or Phone Calls used throughout the program Client Facebook Page, where our entire team of trainers is available to help you out, and celebrate your victories Dietary suggestions, health concerns, grooming ideas and general health questions. E collar help available

ASK-DOG-TRAINERS Clients have used our services for: – Teach their dog/puppy our full foundation of obedience commands – Resolve a significant behavioral issue or issues that have been ongoing – Receive coaching on how to apply prong or e-collar training – Stop fighting among multiple dogs in the household – Get everyone in the household on board with training their dog – Understand and change their relationship with their dog, to achieve training or behavior modification goals – Open up to transformational personal work – Feel empowered and worthy of a calm and balanced life!

Package Example: VIRTUAL DOG TRAINING – OUR PHONE/SKYPE BRONZE PACKAGE $40 / 1 Emailed Question & 60 Minute Phone consultation: You will have an opportunity to dive in to answers & information around particular issues you may be having. With our bronze package we can provide powerful solutions and immediate action steps, information regarding training tools and methods to best suit your dog.

We have assisted clients virtually with issues like:
Puppy Selection Know-How
Troubleshooting Problems with Use of Training Tools
Whether to Keep or Re-Home Your Dog
How to Set Your Puppy Up for Success: Practical Action Steps for the first three months
Crate Training Issues
Potty Training Issues
Nutrition / Health / Feeding Consultation
Understanding Canine Behavior: Your Dog’s Motivation
How to Fit or Select Specific Training Tools: Prong collars, remote collars, clickers, etc.

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Ask-Dog-Trainers a virtual online dog training company. Dog Training via Skye and Phone!

To take an advantage of ASK-DOG-TRAINERS services? All that is needed is a computer or phone, an online connection and a webcam. This will allow us to resolve your dog training and behavior issues. Your online dog training session will be booked at a time convenient for you whether you live.