Commonn Dog Training Problems

  • Reactivity Issues

    Reactivity Issues

    Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs? Dog reactivity cannot only be a safety issue but can be quite embarrassing when out in public. Dog reactivity can stem from a couple different reasons no matter age or breed or sex of dog.


  • Biting Issues

    Biting Issues

    Does your puppy constantly bite you? Puppy biting can be one of the most annoying things that many new dog owners have to face. Dogs communicate in a plethora of different ways biting is just another way our dogs communicate with us.


  • Jumping Issues

    Jumping Issues

    Does your dog jump on family or guests? There are multiple reasons why dogs jump. The most common reason is miscommunication. From puppyhood dog learn to jump on their owners in order to get their attention.


  • Recall Issues

    Recall Issues

    Class Does your dog not come when called? Not coming when called is a pretty common problem with many dogs and puppies. Recall issues can be associated with improper training methods when teaching the come command.


  • Potty Issues

    Potty Issues

    Are you having difficulty potty training your dog or puppy? Most potty training issues stem from improper training techniques or timing. Although it can be frustrating potty training your puppy can happen sometimes within only a couple days.


  • Aggression Issues

    Aggression Issues

    Does your dog resource guard or is aggressive with food or other objects? Resource guarding or food aggression is something that typically needs to be addressed with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist because of the rish of danger.


  • Pulling Issues

    Pulling Issues

    Does your dog pull on the leash when out walking? One of the main issues with pulling is as a puppy it’s not such a big issue however as the dog gets larger and stronger it becomes unpleasant for the owner to walk him or her.


  • Boundary Issues

    Boundary Issues

    Does your dog run out the door? Teaching your dog to stay inside until given permission to exit cannot only be a safety tool for those coming in and out of the house but could also prevent your dog from being injured or hurting other dogs.



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