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Puppy & Dog Training in Charleston, NC. ASK-DOG-TRAINERS is a virtual in-home dog training company offering professional dog training in Charleston, NC.

Positive Dog Training In Charleston, NC


If you've been searching for the fastest, most reliable way to train your dog or puppy in Charleston, NC, then look no further! Our proven, virtual dog training system was developed by top dog trainers and represents the most progressive approach to positive reinforcement dog training available today.

For your convenience ASK-DOG-TRAINERS offers dog training lessons and behavior consultations in-home that are completely tailored to your needs and wishes. Services include personalized training anywhere you are located at a time convenient for you. The number of sessions needed will depend on your concerns and the package you have chosen.

To take an advantage of ASK-DOG-TRAINERS services? All that is needed is a computer or phone, an online connection and a webcam. This will allow us to resolve your dog training and behavior issues. Your online dog training session will be booked at a time convenient for you whether you live in Charleston, NC or outside of Charleston, NC.

What Can ASK-DOG-TRAINERS Help You With? We help you with behavior and training issues for dogs. Some possible topics that can be covered in a virtual session include: Training techniques and instruction on typical obedience behaviors Pre- and post- adoption counseling Common dog behavior problems such as house training, barking, digging, chewing, pulling on leash, jumping on people and destructive behavior. Serious dog behavior issues such as separation anxiety and some forms of aggression:

ASK-DOG-TRAINERS Trainer Coaching & Counseling Virtual sessions are not limited to just dog owners in Charleston, NC. If you’re a professional trainer struggling with a challenging case, we provide online coaching and counseling to help you and your client in Charleston, NC.

How Does ASK-DOG-TRAINERS Virtual Online Dog Training Work? To take advantage of ASK-DOG-TRAINERS services in Charleston, NC all that’s needed is a computer with a webcam or a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection, you’re set!
We’ll walk you through the entire process so don’t worry if you’re “technically challenged” – we make the process painless and enjoyable – we promise! When you purchase a session, we’ll contact you via email to schedule a time and date that’s convenient for you and your family. We can even have more than one webcam on the session so household members can call in from other locations. We have worked with clients all over the U.S not just in Charleston, NC.

What Does ASK-DOG-TRAINERS’S Virtual Online Dog Training it Cost? Session cost depends on which package or packages you order.

Examples: $10 for 1 Emailed Question & 15 minute phone consultation
$90 for 1 Emailed Question, 65 minute phone consultation & 1 Video review

Not sure where to start?
Need some quick advice, not sure what you need, or want more info on how ASK-DOG-TRAINERS works! Order our Gold Package that includes a 15 minute phone consultation for only $10 Do you have a pet with a behavior problem and you are ready to get help ASAP? Click the button below to sign up for your first hour of training!
If you decide after your initial session that you’d like to continue training with additional sessions, we can offer you savings on packages for three or more sessions.

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